At A2B Billing & Consulting we understand the many facets that go into creating and maintaining a successful practice. The road from treating a patient to receipt of payment from insurance companies should be a smooth one but that is not always the case. We have diligently refined, streamlined, and documented our internal processes and procedures with one focus in mind, our clientele. We make it simple for you, submit your customized superbill to A2B and we take care of the rest.

Electronic Claims Submittals
A2B Billing & Consulting offers a Claims Management Bundle package for our clients for one flat fee per month, based solely on the number of claims your practice submits. In short, the bundle price is scalable to fit your budget! We offer a rates so that our clients know the cost of their billing service – it will fluctuate less, and with the ebb and flow of your practice  you can create a more stable operating budget.


Insurance A/R
We have a dedicated department that focuses solely on your accounts receivables that are older than thirty days. Our Medical A/R and Collections department works on your denials, low pay EOBs and down coding issues. We believe in continually following up with each insurance company until payment or processing is resolved. It is this attention to detail and commitment to our clients that provides an increased level of reimbursement and sets us apart from our competitors.

Advanced Financial Reporting
A2B provides a standard and customized reports package which allows you to track your practices financial vitality. Our advanced reporting package tracks 6 key indicators that are the lifeline of any successful practice

• Charges
• Payments
• A/R Aging
• Average Reimbursements by Payer
• Payer Mix
• New Patients

Medicare, Medicaid, WC
A2B Billing & Consulting will complete all necessary paperwork to enable your practice to submit claims electronically to Medicare, Medicaid, and most major Workers Compensation. We reduce turnaround time and maximize reimbursements for these payers making it profitable for your practice to accept these demographics.

Eligibility & Benefits
A2B Billing & Consulting offers eligibility and benefits verification service for all new patients. This service ensures your patients’ insurance is active. A2B takes the verification process one step further by verifying that your practices most commonly performed services are covered to minimize unexpected collections issues that arise from non-covered services.

These are just some of the services A2B offers that optimize your business. For a more comprehensive list, visit out Plans page. A2B offers more than just a wide range of services, we offer a partnership founded in a desire for mutual growth and success!

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