What our clients have to say about A2B Billing…

“My Practice has grown and my collections have doubled since giving my headache to A2B Billing. I am getting paid faster and have few denials because I’ve got A2B Billing in my corner. I know that they will fight for me to get paid for the life of the claim. So worth $3.99 per HCFA!”

~ Dr. Shayne Guthrie, Kaneohe, HI ~


“If my chiropractic practice could be likened to a spine, submitting bills and dealing with insurance companies would be a huge subluxation – an unwanted source of pain that would always seem to interfere with the smooth flow of the day. To me, writing up and submitting bills was the worst thing about being a chiropractor, and like an atlas locked out of alignment, it was the source of one huge headache! Then I was introduced to Jason and his great company A2B Billing. His service is the adjustment that my practice desperately needed!

I now turn over all my work comp and no fault claims over to A2B Billing. They are quick, efficient and very professional. They allow me to focus on my patients and worry less about claims, denials and follow-ups. They do everything.

I have already received several checks from the insurance companies which were facilitated through A2B’s services. For the peace of mind and time saved, the fair and affordable fees that he charges are well worth paying. Not to mention that A2B assures that each claim will be paid out in full and if the insurance companies do try to deduct payment, A2B will fight on my behalf so that I will receive every penny I deserve. I encourage all chiropractors to turn over their billing work to A2B.

He’s got my back! Let him get yours!” 

~ Dr. Reed Shiraki, D.C.~